Our design philosophy

He is good at developing creative and unique designs by integrating art with the core of culture.

We attach great importance to strategic analysis and use unique design vocabulary and techniques to create an all-round brand packaging. Regardless of brand strategy, product innovation, interior design, art consultant and activity operation, we should continue to design-based strategic thinking to provide customers with appropriate user experience for their brands, and then create and enhance customers'market and brand value.。

「Design, as far as appearance is concerned, can be said to be a tool of brand strategy.。

But our design inspiration, evolving with the continuous accumulation and integration of artistic and cultural connotations, is actually telling stories for a brand.。 」

Fred has many years of design experience to create brand-new market opportunities for customers.。



Our Design Aesthetics

In order to successfully customize differentiated design schemes for customers, we will have a prior insight into and analysis of the market.。


「I want to have something I like, but not for possession,

It's about getting an object and inspiring a concept or a story behind it to create a new resonance.





Shiyan Frederick Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., formerly known as Fuda Technology (Company), is a technology center. Founded in 2001, the company has set up advertising department, model display department, engineering department and so on. In order to create a brand, improve the visibility of the enterprise and establish the image of the enterprise, through the efforts of all staff, the company further expanded the infrastructure construction, continued development and growth, and accumulated rich engineering experience, and established a good corporate image in the industry.。

At present, some well-known companies at home and abroad are showing themselves through exhibitions. They also make great efforts in the decoration of spare parts in order to attract the audience to the greatest extent. Our company combines years of experience to summarize a set of methods of automotive parts cutting and display, which combines modern acoustic, optical and electrical technology. It has been cutting engines and Exhibition cars for Dongfeng Automobile Company's commercial power plant, equipment manufacturer and other companies. It has rich experience and is well received by users.。